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The Health Innovation Think Tank

The Think Tank brings together diverse groups of healthcare leaders, innovators and policymakers to identify best practices and strategies that will improve care quality, increase care access, enhance patient engagement and reduce unnecessary costs.

Over the past year, the Health Innovation Think Tank has convened three sessions across the United States and brought together over 100 global healthcare and health IT leaders to strategize on best practices, innovation and policy that relate to value-based care, connected health and virtual care. The Think Tank also hosted a “FutureCasting” session collaborating on where healthcare and health innovation is headed over the next five-to-seven years.

Our goal with the Think Tank is to share ideas, identify strategies that work, identify industry gaps as well as opportunities that still exist. In our key takeaways and best practices published below, we have worked to keep the content concise but with enough context that the industry can begin to deploy within their own communities. A brief synopsis of the Health Innovation Think Tank can be read here and a full report-out can be viewed as well as downloaded below via SlideShare.

We encourage everyone to review these findings and please let us know your thoughts or any feedback via the contact page. If you have proven best practices within value-based care, connected health or virtual care, and have those best practices documented via a published white paper or case study, please share those with us as well. The Think Tank employs the strategy to add 25 new collaborators to each session that we host so we welcome all health systems, care providers, innovators, policy makers, payers and other thought leaders that are achieving success with innovative ideas, solutions and care design.

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